Actor: Constraints Game

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Actor: Constraints Game:

Act out your daily activities. Be yourself.

You’re the actor for this game! Your job is to complete an assigned activity as best you can, acting out the random characteristics listed below. As you act, play up your condition. Use words and body language that communicates your character. Have fun with it. If your condition makes it hard for you to complete the activity, exaggerate your difficulties.

After you complete the activity, the designers will ask you a few questions about your experience. Stay in character as you answer. Share your feelings. Highlight what was easy for you to do and what wasn’t.

Game Steps

  1. Read the character details and the activity below.
  2. Complete the assigned activity.
  3. Answer two questions from the designers.

Setting Description

This is the setting where the experience design scene takes place.

The actor should pretend they are in this setting as they act out the scene. Think about how the conditions will impact your experience.

two girls doing school work at home
Kitchen table homeschooling session.
Follow parent's directions. Finish the day's lesson.
Size: Context
A kitchen
Non-User Actors
Alexa music, siblings, a new puppy
Available Resources
Crayons, pens, pencils, paper, Chromebook
Worries about how long COVID-19 quarantine will last. The sunny weather outside is making it hard to stay focused.
Comfortable temperature
Two hour time limit to complete work
Wifi available in home though signal can be spotty. Electricity.
What a parent says, goes.
Social Norms
Complete your homework before the end of the time.

The Persona's Description

A little about the character you are playing.

Physical Characteristics

These are randomly generated, so some aspects may contradict one another. Ignore the aspects that don't make sense.

Age 65 years old

65 years old

older man portrait
Sex female


Race White/Caucasian


Gender Identity gender neutral

gender neutral

Size: People 5′ 2″ (1.6 meters) tall

5′ 2″ (1.6 meters) tall


Relational Characteristics

These are randomly generated, so some aspects may contradict one another. Ignore the aspects that don't make sense.

Sexual Orientation pansexual


Relationships has 8 siblings

has 8 siblings

single parent

single parent

Knowledge expert car mechanic

expert car mechanic


Spoiler Alert

Do not show the content below to designers. These details are only for the actor.

Do This Activity

Don’t you hate it when your glasses get dirty?

Lens cleaning cloth
Clean someone else's glasses
With someone
Do this with anyone else in the room

The Persona's Behavior

Random aspects served up to create a persona's behavior.
Caution: these are randomly generated, so some aspects may contradict one another. Ignore the aspects that don't make sense.

Habits Hugs everyone

Hugs everyone

chews fingernails

chews fingernails

Movements Graceful


Personality Untrusting



Experience-Level Character Details

How your character is Dealing with this Activity

Attention Interested


Complex Level
Attitude thinks it is stupid

thinks it is stupid

Complex Level
Subjective Norm Sibling gives outspoken support

Sibling gives outspoken support

Complex Level
Abilities lots of disposable income

lots of disposable income

Complex Level
Intention Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Underlying Level
Role Vacationer


Underlying Level
Sensations Sore throat

Sore throat

Core Level
Mood grumpy


Core Level

How your Character Makes Meaning

Language Friendly and loose

Friendly and loose

Complex Level
Culture Buckeye fan

Buckeye fan

Underlying Level
Values buying local

buying local

Underlying Level
Self-Concept I can’t make a difference

I can’t make a difference

Core Level
Worldview whatever can go wrong, will

whatever can go wrong, will

Core Level


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