Context: Setting

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Context: Setting:

External factors that can affect people and design actors in experience design scenes.

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People and the products, services, and systems they use exist in a setting—the physical environment and situations in which interactions take place. These external factors can profoundly impact people’s decision making and the ways design objects function. For example, bustles were in vogue in the mid-to-late 19th century. During this period, a woman was fashionable if she wore a bustle because bustles were the norm. Of course, bustles aren’t in fashion today. If someone were to go out in public wearing one today, they would look a little strange.

Different fashion styles are indicative of the setting in which they existed. People who lived in those settings didn’t get to choose what fashion was in style—the setting (in this case, norms) defined what was popular. Norms are just one way that setting can impact people and design objects. Let’s take a look at setting and better understand ways it can influence experiences.

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Context: Setting
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