Design Characteristics

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Design Characteristics:

What about this object makes it unique?

Photo: kaboompics
close up carpet texture

What is the look and feel of the design? What is its style? Does it feel like Steampunk or Martha’s Vineyard? Does it sound like “heavy metal” or “natural escape”? Characteristics are what develop a design outcome’s character, informed by its style and composition.

Design-specific characteristic aspects.



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Researching Design Characteristics

Because they are often tangible and real, object characteristics and be researched using methods like observations. Services and systems are often time-based so their characteristics are composed of processes.

Questions to Ask About Design Characteristics

What specific character qualities comprise this object/service/system?

Look for These When Researching Design Characteristics

  • The way it sounds
  • The object’s texture
  • The way it smells


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