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People: Relational

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People: Relational:

Ways people relate to others and how they perceive themselves in those relationships.

Designers can better understand a person’s characteristics and behaviors through the ways people relate to others. These relationships reveal a person’s place in their community and sometimes how they perceive themselves as part of that community.

People: Self Characteristics and Behavior Aspects

People: Relational Characteristics and Behavior Aspects

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People: Self

Self Characteristics

Age Sex Race Gender Identity Size: People Condition

Self Behavior

Habits Movements
People: Relational

Relational Characteristics

Sexual Orientation Relationships Social Class Knowledge

Relational Behavior


People: Self Experience Level Aspects

People: Relational Experience Level Aspects

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People: Meaning-Making



Magnifying Glass

Culture Values


Self-Concept Worldview
People: Motivation


Attention Attitude Subjective Norm Abilities

Magnifying Glass

Intention Role


Sensations Mood

Researching People: Relational

People are social creatures. We relate to others and often describe ourselves by those relationships. Aspects that consider people and their relationships reveal who people are in social networks.


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