People: Relational Behavior

Lens: Type: Behavior
People: Relational Behavior:

The ways people act while they complete activities.

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People behave differently depending on where they are and the activities they are trying to complete. Wedding guests at a reception often dance. Some dancers are more conservative—choosing dances with step patterns like the two-step or a waltz. Other guests get funky and flail any way they like. Still, other guests may decide not to dance. When people use products, services, and systems, they behave in ways designers intended, and sometimes in ways that designers didn’t quite expect.

People: Self Characteristics and Behavior Aspects

People: Relational Characteristics and Behavior Aspects

People: Self

Self Characteristics

Age Sex Race Gender Identity Size: People Condition

Self Behavior

Habits Movements
People: Relational

Relational Characteristics

Sexual Orientation Relationships Social Class Knowledge

Relational Behavior


People: Self Experience Level Aspects

People: Relational Experience Level Aspects

People: Meaning-Making




Culture Values


Self-Concept Worldview
People: Motivation


Attention Attitude Subjective Norm Abilities


Intention Role


Sensations Mood


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