People: Relational Characteristics

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People: Relational Characteristics:

Qualities that define people’s observable, measurable makeup.

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People are physical and relational beings. People were born with physical characteristics. These characteristics change over time as a person matures and when they modify their physical qualities. People learn about themselves and the world around them through relationships. They gain knowledge, develop responsibilities, acquire behaviors, and make decisions through contact with other people and the things other people produce.

Both physical and relational characteristics define people’s observable qualities. They can also act as barriers—preventing a person from completing activities or being accepted by others.

People: Self Characteristics and Behavior Aspects

People: Relational Characteristics and Behavior Aspects

People: Self

Self Characteristics

Age Sex Race Gender Identity Size: People Condition

Self Behavior

Habits Movements
People: Relational

Relational Characteristics

Sexual Orientation Relationships Social Class Knowledge

Relational Behavior


People: Self Experience Level Aspects

People: Relational Experience Level Aspects

People: Meaning-Making




Culture Values


Self-Concept Worldview
People: Motivation


Attention Attitude Subjective Norm Abilities


Intention Role


Sensations Mood


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