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The Persona Story Generator blends a few aspects with a story starter prompt. Persona stories are general enough that you can build a more complete story on your own, but specific enough that the person’s unique character and limitations should start to come through.

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Shelly Marinko

When they got married, they thought life had finally started. Shelly found a partner that loved the same things they did. The first five years were beautiful, but then things changed. Shelly noticed that their partner no longer tried to plan weekends together. They started arguing more. Shelly still enjoyed being outdoors—kayaking especially. But now, kayaking had become a solo activity. Shelly now wonders if there’s hope when so much of life is a solitary experience.

Relational Characteristics

Sexual Orientation heterosexual


Relationships only child

only child

Also interested in Star Trek

Relational Behavior

Personality Reserved