Beyond UX: The Game

Beyond UX: The Game:

The AoE4D party game!

dennis presenting in a room using a microphone
Presenting the Beyond UX Game at AIGA Cincinnati Design Week 2019

The Beyond UX Game was created for AIGA Cincinnati Design Week 2019. Over 50 people attended the workshop and we had a lot of fun exploring Aspects of Experience for Design. Like most prototypes, the first game didn’t quite go as expected. The Beyond UX Game is still being developed, so pardon my dust!

Beyond UX consists of three different games. Stranger Things: Evaluating Products is a straightforward user experience game that involves researching to evaluate a design. It challenges players to observe people using designed objects then record how well those objects meet those people’s unique needs. Reality Matters: Working with Limitations grows players’ skills when researching constraints that often frame how and what designers create. People are Strange: Getting to Know Users focuses on research for discovery. This game asks players to act out different personas so other players may begin to formulate what relevant and meaningful design would look like for these users.


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