Stranger Things: Evaluating Products

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Stranger Things: Evaluating Products:

Apply AoE4D when evaluating design outcomes.

This version of Beyond UX challenges players to evaluate design outcomes—both how well they function and the experiences they facilitate. Designers cannot know if a product, service, or system works as intended unless they test it.

In this game, designers will learn how well their design helps the user accomplish an activity.

Roles for this Game

One person will be an actor and everyone else will be a designer. Before you begin, decide what role everyone will play.


Actor: Select the Actor role below. Read and follow the instructions on the page. All players should read details at the top of the actor page. Show your phone to everyone in your group so they can read these details.

Designers: One person in your group should select the Designer role below. Read and follow the instructions on the page. If you are playing as a group, only one in your group needs to visit the page. All designers in the group will use this page to guide their observations.


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