Reality Matters: Working with Constraints

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Reality Matters: Working with Constraints:

What are the non-negotiables?

Designers can’t ignore reality when they design. Physics, laws, and other non-negotiable aspects of contexts create limitations within which designers must work. People also have limitations, depending on their physical and cultural makeup as well as their relationships. Peoples’ priorities and fears and concerns all determine what they can and will be willing to do.

We will explore how to design outcomes that work within constraints in this game.

Roles for this Game

One person will be an actor and everyone else will be designers. Before you begin, decide what role everyone will play.


Actor: Select the Actor role below. Read and follow the instructions on the page. The top of the Actor page has details every one can read for this game. Show your phone to all the people in your party so they can read these actor details.

Designers: One person in your group should select the Designer role below. Read and follow the instructions on the page. If you are playing as a group, only one in your group needs to visit the page.


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