Sensory Fieldwork Tool

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Sensory Fieldwork Tool:

Isolating parts of sensory-rich experiences.

Use this tool to help you isolate parts of sensory-rich experiences. These prompts will guide your focus to various qualities of experiences.


What is your intent while having this experience? What are you focused on doing?

Intention Examples

What role are you playing while having this experience?

Role Examples

What physical sensations are you feeling?

Isolate your senses. Focus on each one. Seperate them from one another and respond to the following.

Sight. Describe visual stimuli in detail. Color, texture, complexity, light levels. See all the wavelengths.

Touch. Describe all the details of physical touch. Temperature, roughness, moisture levels. Let your skin tell you a story.

Smell. Describe the meaninings each smell brings. Sharp smells. Dull, dank, mildewy sensations. Isolate the parts of each smell.

Taste. Describe the micro-tastes on your palette. Every ingredient. Name each wave of flavor.

Sound. What sound textures are you hearing? Loudness and silence. Biting sounds. Ethereal tones.

Sensations Examples

What emotions are you feeling from this experience and beyond it?

Mood Examples

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